March 18, 2007

Shop scene is completed

The shop scene is now completed and it`s waiting for granny that she will be animated.

This scene was created for the short animation (Chicory&Coffee), that`s why everything is adapted to this (very low number of patches, some textures are used for the color and as a bump maps, details are solved with textures/bumps and I used very simple lightning because the render time is VERY IMPORTANT for us).

I am also working with Maya and 3ds Max and I have to say that this two programs are far more advanced (and it`s easier to make such a scene with them) than Animation Master (this is just my experience of course).


Jure said...

Kot sem že povedal. Komaj čakam na animacijo.

lp, Jure

Andrew Glazebrook said...

These are beautiful work ! This looks like a super project !

Uros said...

Thanks Andrew!
I am glad that you like it :)

The web page is almost finished, and there is much more cool stuff to see
(characters, tests, more props, wire frames...etc.)