May 24, 2008

My diploma paper

My final work for College was scenography with props for 3d animation, called "Chicory&Coffee". In this book I explore the history of 3D computer graphic, something about storyboards, limitations in 3d computer graphic ...etc.

The very core of my diploma paper also points out the way how the industrial designer thinks, how he sees the solutions and the importance of those solutions in animation. In this respect, we can realize the essence and importance of his knowledge, with which he can operate in any field and branch possible (within the context of his professional know-how and expertise). To enhance some interesting points, I also included the manners with which I solved some technical difficulties and compared them to world renowned studios and workshops.

Link: Chicory&Coffee Book

Mentor: prof. Milan Erič


Miran Jelušič said...

Zelo pohvalno, kar nadaljuj v takem ritmu. Bravo Uroš!!

Unknown said...

...hehe, kar se tice ritma je nekoliko pocasen - kajne? :)

...drugace pa upam, da v prihodnje dodam nekaj zanimivosti s podrocja oblikovanja nakita.

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