March 31, 2012

March 31, 2011

Guitar render

I made this guitar for fun, that I can show my students what can be done with Rhinoceros.

Published: Rhinoceros Gallery

February 24, 2011

Lecturing on Academy of design

Lecture at the Academy of Design about additive technologies (dodajalne tehnologije) and their application on product design.

January 19, 2011

Chicory on FSF3

Iztok Mlakar
introduction speech before Chicory&Coffee animation. It's old stuff, but it's worth of seeing it.

iCAT conference

I was invited lecturer at the International Conference on Additive Technologies. I was talking about additive technologies in industrial design (jewelry design). On the conference my friend Dr. Igor Drstvensek also introduced me to Mr. Terry Wohlers (unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures with him :( but i gave him one of my lights.

Using additive technology, I designed a light, which was used for prizes at the conference.
You can see more conference photos here.

Design award: Springtime Jewelry

Jewelry workshop

I had a workshop for jewelry in Celje. It was great, students were enthusiastic and we know quite a few manufacturing processes. You can see some pictures.

Associate: Bojan Zdovc, jewelry master
Photography: Bostjan Bensa

February 03, 2010

Lecturing at Higher Vocational College

At the moment I am also a Tutor at The Higher Vocational College Sezana. I am lecturing about 3D Computer Graphic and Expressing in Metal (Jewelry).

On the photo are also my colleagues co-workers: Anton Marn
(architect), lookong at the circle and Damjan Svara (sculptor), with beard and glasses.

Photo: Katarina Sadovski

January 18, 2010

November 30, 2009

Final realisation

The final result (Photography). The ring is made from white gold and coated with Rhodium.

Other publications:
Signet Ring
Signet Ring - 3D Print
Rhinoceros Gallery
Signet Ring - Gold model

September 25, 2009


KvadratPlus, design company (product design, graphic design, jewelry design and visualization).

Link to Blog

September 10, 2009

Iron Visualization

Philips Iron Modeling and Visualization.

August 19, 2009


The model of the Beetle - default material (Vizualizacija Hrosca :)

August 15, 2009

Beetle modeling - step by step

modeling,beetle,hohkravt,new beetle,3d model,tires,tutorial

Making of a New Beetle with Rhinoceros 4. Here are some step by step pictures (everything started with reference sketches, photos, pictures and blueprints).
This is just a model, without shaders and
textures. I will make some final renders in the future.

July 23, 2009

Lecturing at SŠOF about 3D Technology

I was lectured with my colleague Raymond Cindric about 3D Technology and Animation on High School for Photography and Design in Ljubljana.
I was also a student of this school once - but this was quite a long time ago :)

::Link:: SŠOF, 19. March 2009

Photo: Igor Čož & Manca Ravšelj

July 10, 2009

Signet Ring - Gold model

The wax model was cast in gold and here is the results (material: white gold). This two models are rough and they are not polished or treated with some other process yet. Thous processes will follow on the next phase of development (in the meantime I am waiting for stones from Germany - hope that they will be nice with our coat-of-arms :)

June 26, 2009

June 22, 2009

Signet Ring - 3D Print

3D print (solidscape) of the Signet ring, that I made in Rhinoceros (link to visualization). Now the ring is ready for casting in gold :)

February 06, 2009

Signet Ring

This is the Signet ring for our family. I already made the basic shape of the ring (in Rhinoceros) and prepared it for 3D print. And than it will be caste in white gold and in the middle I will use stone called "Black coral".
At the moment I am working on a coat-of-arms (so, the lion on the render picture is only provisional and it`s made in Photoshop). For this purpose I am using interesting side about Heraldry.

February 02, 2009

Finally I bought my own domain Soon I will upload some projects and other stuff, but for now only Curriculum vitae and link to my blog is available.

Web page realisation: Matej Hohkraut

November 06, 2008

Interview - KLIK Magazine

In interview I was talking about benefits with 3D Technology in Jewelry design.

Author of article: Kaja Antlej

Link to PDF Article

October 26, 2008

Award for best animated film

Vesna Award for the best animated film – Chicory’n’Coffee, Dušan Kastelic

Definitely one of the undisputable highlights of the festival, one of the top achievements of Slovenian animation and a short film in general. With a striking accuracy and a well applied touch of finery, it tells a story full of bitter-sweet truth. Using modern animation technique, the film can shamelessly match those from the best and the richest of the studios. The film makes chicory smell just like coffee. On behalf of all the viewers, we kindly thank the author’s wife for the patience she showed throughout the years.
(from left to right: Uros Hohkravt, Mateja Staric, Dusan Kastelic)

(Festival Selection Panel)

Link to Slovenian version


October 17, 2008

Festival of Slovenia film - Festival slovenskega filma

SREDA, 22. oktober 2008

Glavna dvorana / Main hall

Ob 21.00 uri Čikorja An' Kafe,
kratki animirani film, Dušan Kastelic, Dušan Kastelic, 8 min, 35 mm

Kje / Where: Festival of Slovenia film

October 05, 2008

Premiere of Chicory&Cofee Animation

6.10. 2008 Kinodvor, ob 21:00 uri

Cikorja an`kafe, Dusan Kastelic
(Predpremiera: zahvaljujemo se Filmskemu skladu, ker je dovolil predvajati film pred uradno premiero, ki bo na FSF 2008 v Portorozu).

September 10, 2008

Sketch book

A few sheets from my Sketch Book.

Link: Sketch book

September 02, 2008

Ring with stone settings

Sometimes we have to made very complex ring, with a lot of details, stone holes and form that can not be jet in rubber mold. In this cases, stereolitografy is a great choice that can be used.
I made the test ring (you can download the ring here) with stone settings in Rhinoceros and than I save the model in STL format for stereolitography (Digitalwax 029). In this process, we don`t need rubber mould to jet wax rings. So, we made a few models and put it directly to the tree (how the tree looks like).

Results: The rings were casted without porosity and the stones were fix inserted. The only problem was surface (the models needed to be extra handmade polished) and the space between stones (was not shiny). We also notice that the models made with Digitalwax 029 were a bit deformed, because the wax doesn`t harden instantly (but it runs a bit) .

Casting process: Part 1, Part 2, Jewelry casting

August 30, 2008

Wax pattern

How to make Wax pattern.

Link: Part1, Part2

August 08, 2008

Buoh mi odpusti t`s grijeh!

A few months ago I made a contest for the best T-shirt (2D & 3D motif). The winning T-shirt was "Buoh mi odpusti t`s grijeh!". I made a few of them for my friends and for all who are supporting me at my work.

Photo: Matej Hohkravt

August 06, 2008

3D technologies as a global trend - part 4

DSSP seminar was very successful and I hope that this is a good stimulation for development 3D technology and that there will be more educations in this direction also in Slovenia in the future. Thanks to all for invitation.

August 04, 2008

3D technologies as a global trend - part 3

3D technologies as a global trend - part 2

Welcome words from
Edvard Sternad, Director IB-PROCADD (Slovenia)

Carlos Pérez Albà, EMEA Sales & Marketing Manager, McNeel Europe (Spain)

July 31, 2008

3D technologies as a global trend - part 1

Edvard Sternad, director of IB-PROCADD has organized a great seminar about 3D Technologies. Seminar lasted two days in Koper (Faculty of Management Koper). This was a great opportunity for me, to meet all this people and make some connections.

There was also a many great lectures from all over the Europe.

Robert Keogh
, European Sales Manager (3D-Scanning), Z Corporation (GB)
Gerd Schwaderer, European Sales Manager, Geomagic (Germany)
Andrej Žužek, 3D deparment - head IB-PROCADD d.o.o. (Slovenia)
Egon Žižmond
prof. dr., dekan Fakultete za management Koper (Slovenia)
Slavko Dolinšek
prof. dr., direktor Inovacijsko razvojnega inšt. Uni. v LJ (Slovenia)
Carlos Pérez Albà, EMEA Sales & Marketing Manager, McNeel Europe (Spain)
Frederik Declerck, RP&M Business Development Manager, Materialise (Belgium)
Peter Hansford, Vice President (Europe), Z Corporation
(Great Britain)
Michel Daronat, Technical and Research Manager, Axiatec (France)

Carlos Pérez Albà (left) - EMEA Sales&Marketing Manager, McNeel Europe, Peter RAU (right) - my ex teacher from High School for Photography and Design (he is also a very good instructor for Rhinoceros).

Kaja ANTLEJ - I met her when I studied on Academy for Fine Arts and Design. She is also Industrial designer, but a few years younger than me. She was also among organizers of DSSP seminar (IB-PROCADD).

Read more ...

June 07, 2008

Industrial silver world

The background picture was made with 3D Studio Max and rendered in V-ray. I also made some small color correction in Photoshop and for the text I used Illustrator.

The poster was made for fair which was going on in Celje (poster size 210x80 cm).

May 24, 2008

My diploma paper

My final work for College was scenography with props for 3d animation, called "Chicory&Coffee". In this book I explore the history of 3D computer graphic, something about storyboards, limitations in 3d computer graphic ...etc.

The very core of my diploma paper also points out the way how the industrial designer thinks, how he sees the solutions and the importance of those solutions in animation. In this respect, we can realize the essence and importance of his knowledge, with which he can operate in any field and branch possible (within the context of his professional know-how and expertise). To enhance some interesting points, I also included the manners with which I solved some technical difficulties and compared them to world renowned studios and workshops.

Link: Chicory&Coffee Book

Mentor: prof. Milan Erič

May 23, 2008


I made this visualization for my good friend Ines Kristan. Modeling was made in Rhinoceros and for rendering I used V-ray.

Design: Ines Kristan

V-ray and glass

A few articles back, I was testing glass with V-ray. Here is another test with different setting and more glass facilities. I made a few shots with camera also, but results were much worse than visualization.

April 13, 2008

Elle party

We were invited on Elle party, with the fellow workers from Zlatarna Celje.


This year I was for the first time visited Baselworld. Fair was enormous and everyone can find something suitable for his one taste. Here are also a few pictures.

January 26, 2008

Free 3d model iFP - 899

A few articles back I tested Rhinoceros 4.0 and I made Mp3 player Iriver iFP - 899. Now, I decided to put it on my blog for free. You can download it in 3dm and 3ds format.

January 12, 2008


Some new pictures from School of Jewelry, which I am attending. We have made some frames for stones and brooches (material: Silver).

December 13, 2007

Royal College of Art

Finally, back from London. I went to visit some faculties. They have open days and I have chance to look around, meet some students, ask questions and get the application forms.

And here is a video from Royal College of Art exhibition (mostly transport design).

November 17, 2007

Iriver iFP-899

I was just testing modeling capabilities in Rhino 4, that`s why I didn`t use materials. It`s a great tool and I recommend it to all product designers (with V-ray or Maxwell render simulator).

October 15, 2007

October 13, 2007

...first seconds!

...a few seconds from animation, just for the feeling (great job Dusan).

Web page: Chicory&Coffee

September 23, 2007