October 26, 2008

Award for best animated film

Vesna Award for the best animated film – Chicory’n’Coffee, Dušan Kastelic

Definitely one of the undisputable highlights of the festival, one of the top achievements of Slovenian animation and a short film in general. With a striking accuracy and a well applied touch of finery, it tells a story full of bitter-sweet truth. Using modern animation technique, the film can shamelessly match those from the best and the richest of the studios. The film makes chicory smell just like coffee. On behalf of all the viewers, we kindly thank the author’s wife for the patience she showed throughout the years.
(from left to right: Uros Hohkravt, Mateja Staric, Dusan Kastelic)

(Festival Selection Panel)

Link to Slovenian version

Link: www.fsf.si

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Belated congratulations on this !!!